SpringBoard Business Acceleration Cohort 2022

Lemon is among very few truly entrepreneurial start-up enablers supporting and nurturing job creators in India. The ecosystem has become very fertile for idea seeds to get sprouted and become sustainable ventures. The magic of co-creation and peer learning is instrumental for the transformation of entrepreneurs at Lemon. Lemon ideas offers mentoring and acceleration programs for early stage entrepreneurs. Few of the focus areas for deeper hand holding and mentoring are covid 19 , waste recycling, plastic alternative, green energy environment sustainability, education, learning, technology , social impact among others. These are ventures which are being supported under various mentoring and accelerator programs at Lemon ideas.

SpringBoard Business Acceleration Cohort 2022 - Hala

Hala Mobility

Electric Vehicle startup
Location: Hyderabad, India

Brief Note

This startup has created a multimodal shared mobility platform that enables 3PL, delivery companies to switch to electric with a bundled solution of EV, Analytics tools powered by AI, battery swap infrastructure.

  • Sector – EV mobility
  • Establishment Year- 2019
  • Team Size – 16
  • Operational Areas (Geographies of work) – Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Vizag
SpringBoard Business Acceleration Cohort 2022 - Pawcare

Pawcare Pvt. Ltd

Pet Health Care Startup
Location: Mumbai, India

Brief Note

Pawcare is India’s first 24×7 online consults website and app. At present paw care is multi lingual, AI operated and Saas model. Currently we have 27 doctors under our panel.

At present you can find

    • 24×7 online consultation
    • Pet food
    • Vet Subscription
    • Pet accessories
    • Dog insurance
  • Sector: Pet health care
  • Establishment year: 2021
  • Team Size (including Founding team): 5
  • Operational Areas (Geographies of work): Pan Indi
SringBoard Business Acceleration Cohort 2022 - Krishivan

Krishivan Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Agri Tech Startup
Location: Bangalore, India

Brief Note

This Startup has developed an Agri-tech platform, based on Uberizing the Agri Value chain by empowering Farmers with connectivity to Buyers-Sellers & Renters locally.

  • Sector – AgriTech
  • Establishment year- 2020
  • Team Size – 14
  • Operational Areas (Geographies of work) – Khammam, Pedapalli
    (Andhra Pradesh)
SpringBoard Business Acceleration Cohort 2022 - Aviotron Aerospace

Aviotron Aerospace

EduTech Startup
Location: Delhi, India

Brief Note

This startup is solving a major problem faced by millions of students that is lack of skilled based education, where students are not able to relate their theoretical concepts with real life applications, due to this students are opting their career domain based on their marks rather then a certain skill set, which is creating a huge gap between academic standards and Industrial requirements, hence leading towards the major problems like unemployment.

  • Sector – Edutech
  • Establishment Year – 2019
  • Team Size – 15
  • Operational Areas (Geographies of work) – Jaipur, Delhi, Gurgaon,
SpringBoard Business Acceleration Cohort 2022 - Praketa

Praketa Innotech Private Limited

Environment/ Technology
Location: Ernakulum, India

Brief Note

An Internationally recognized youth-led Indian enterprise responsible for the design of BEEP, the ‘Behavioral-Effective Energy Planner’ a standalone device for understanding real time residential consumption patterns & changing consumer behavior. It provides accurate & useful data so that consumers have both the information & motivation to devise their own energy management solutions, resulting in cost savings for them & energy savings for society. With its universal & youth-friendly language, BEEP is able to maximize potential savings, building on the existing climate-consciousness of youth to enact an immediate behavioral change, whilst also in itself helping to build an energy conscious future generation.

  • Sector: Environment/ Technology
  • Establishment year: 2020
  • Team Size (including Founding team): 5
  • Operational Areas (Geographies of work) : Kerala-Trivandum, Kochi, Calicut.
SpringBoard Business Acceleration Cohort 2022 - Robo Bionics

Robo Bionics

Vasai, Mumbai

Brief Note

An Affordable Prosthetic Hand that reduces the learning time using our Sense Of Touch Technology. The Sense Of Touch Technology also Aids in helping the patient / User of the Prosthetic hand identify different types of objects. This helps the patient / User to accept the prosthetic hand. The key functionalities of our product are –
(a.) Reduced learning time
(b.) Feedback mechanism

  • Sector – Health-Tech
  • Establishment Year – 2016
  • Team Size – 8
  • Operational Areas (Geographies of work) – PAN-India
SpringBoard Business Acceleration Cohort 2022 - Project Baala

Project Baala

Healthcare startup
Location: New Delhi, India

Brief Note

This Startup is on a mission to ensure every menstruator has access to affordable and sustainable menstrual hygiene solutions. They offer a systemic solution that focuses on providing accessibility of reusable pads, awareness modules and generates livelihood opportunities which makes it a 360-degree model.

  • Sector – Healthcare
  • Establishment year – 2017
  • Team Size – 6
  • Operational Areas (Geographies of work) – India (22 States), Nepal, Ghana and Tanzania
SpringBoard Business Acceleration Cohort 2022 - Swacardz


Entertainment Startup
Location: Udaipur, India

Brief Note

Swacardz aims to create the culture of authentic, playful and deeper conversations by creating and curating innovative multi-lingual card games, socio-emotional interactive interfaces and thoughtful workshops on personal well-being, interpersonal relationships, socio-civic issues, Indian traditional wisdom and ecology.

  • Sector: Entertainment, Education and Well-being
  • Establishment year: 2021
  • Team Size (including Founding team): 2
  • Operational Areas (Geographies of work): PAN INDIA
SpringBoard Business Acceleration Cohort 2022 - Trip Mungo

Trip Mungo

Travel & Hospitality Startup
Location: Guwahati, India

Brief Note

Finding the right RV or motorhome for your adventure is daunting. Here comes Trip Mungo, an easy-to-use platform that allows you to search, compare, and book motorhomes, caravans, and RVs in one place!

  • Sector: Travel & Hospitality
  • Establishment year: 2020
  • Team Size (including Founding team): 1
  • Operational Areas (Geographies of work): Nagpur, Delhi, Guwahati
SpringBoard Business Acceleration Cohort 2022 - EF Polymer

EF Polymer Pvt. Ltd.

Agriculture/Farming Startup
Location: Rajasthan, India

Brief Note

EF Polymer is an agriculture startup working on the innovative technology of super absorbent polymer and its usage in the agriculture sector. We have successfully developed, tested, validated, and commercialized the organic super absorbent polymer or hydrogel for agriculture applications.
We are incorporated in India and Japan where the Japanese side is HQ.

  • Domain/Sector: Agriculture/Farming
  • Establishment year: India (October 2018) | Japan (March 2020)
  • Team Size (including Founding team): 25
  • Operational Areas (Geographies of work): India (Rajasthan & Uttar Pradesh), Japan
SpringBoard Business Acceleration Cohort 2022 - MedXpress


Healthtech (Telemedicine) Startup
Location: Bhubaneswar, India

Brief Note

This startup is converting retail medicine shops having doctor chambers in rural India, into digital consultation rooms. These facilities generate prescriptions, and also provide diagnostic services.

  • Sector – Healthtech
  • Team Size – 15
  • Year of Establishment – 2020
  • Operational Areas (Geographies of work) – Odisha
SpringBoard Business Acceleration Cohort 2022 - OECO

Oeco Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Healthcare/Environmental Startup
Location: Nagpur, India

Brief Note

Oeco is bootstrapped is all about eco-friendly range of products based at Nagpur with patented product registered with Start Up India, DPIIT, GEM, MSME Udyam registration, GST registration Make in India initiative. At present the startup is offering herbal mosquito control solution for controlling all stages of larva and pupa and mosquitoes in stagnant waterbodies and herbal mosquito repellent fabric roll on which is the natural way to repel mosquitoes. The vision is to provide innovative effective environment-friendly mosquito control and repellent products that will prevent, protect and save people from life-threatening mosquito-borne diseases.

  • Sector: Healthcare / Environmental
  • Establishment year: 2020
  • Team Size (including Founding team): 2
  • Operational Areas (Geographies of work): Nagpur

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