EIR-Entrepreneur In Residence

Entrepreneur in Residence, a program for few selected aspiring entrepreneurs to experientially work on specific projects/initiatives/verticals and drive it solely along with a team and support from Lemon Ideas to further gain experience in the real world scenario. The program provides a solid entrepreneurial experience to participants to lead the project from the front and get involved in end to end learning similar to creating an enterprise. Participants also get access to mentoring & training for their venture creature. The goal of the EiR program is to make entrepreneurs ready for their entrepreneur journey and get their venture started. The program is open to very few candidates every year based on a rigorous selection process by Lemon ideas team.

Duration: 1 year


  1.  Strong foundation for the journey ahead as an entrepreneur.
  2.  Leadership Qualities.
  3.  Team Management.
  4.  Understanding financials.
  5.  Earning and livelihood support.


The activities vary with the projects that are allocated to EIR differs from initiative to initiative. However there is a specific timeline for the whole initiative to bring it to a purposeful and impactful learning.


Lemon plays a vital role in terms of mentorships and funding required for driving the whole initiative. However, there are some orientation sessions/workshops before the EIR program which you can find in Lemon School of Entrepreneurship.


  1.  Participation in various programs/events/competitions at LEMON.
  2.  Apply for EIR.
  3.  Review of application.
  4.  Interview/s.
  5.  Onboarding of the candidate.

Past/Current Case Studies

  1.  Innopreneurs platform.
  2.  Digital Marketing & community building
  3.  Kids program (entrepreneurship & innovation)
  4.  International Partnerships

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