With a deeper intention of nurturing job creators, innovation and amplifying its impact & outcome, Lemon has designed a unique program to support new entrants into the space of entrepreneurship development & startup support. Be it incubation or mentoring or training, any organization who wishes to play a role of an enabler for thriving entrepreneurship activity has the best support from Lemon’s rich experience. Following Lemon’s commitment towards experiential learning and practicing pedagogy , this program assures a non-theoretical and hands on support to partner organizations.

Lemon Ideas, is in a fit state for leveraging vast years of experience in a time bound manner to support and manage similar new incubators & enablers. It uses experiential pedagogy approach for hand holding incubators and capability management to build more newer ecosystems. Its unique value proposition is towards entrepreneurial orientation and unparalleled focus on financial sustainability of the new incubators or entrepreneurship enablers. The incubator-enabler Development program has major two dimensions i.e Capability Building & Management services.

For Whom

  1. Govt. agencies funding new incubators.
  2. Government organization planning to set up business incubators.
  3. VC/fund houses looking for in – house incubation set ups.
  4. Educational institutions keen to set up incubators.
  5. Corporate or Business houses keen to leverage the magic of innovation and startups investment.
  6. Individuals or non-profits or other organizations looking at entrepreneurship – incubation space .

Key Offerings

Planning And Strategy

We realize and recognize that revenue generation is a great challenge for entrepreneurial incubators & enablers. At Lemon, we work towards revenue generation and not view incubators just as a cost entity. We set sustainability goals for the incubator and ensure its productivity through balanced efforts in all directions. Sectoral focus that strengthens incubator strength is highlighted by special start-up labs which accelerate the brand positioning & attractiveness for new enablers & incubators. Designing a robust & validated Business Model is a key aspect of planning & strategy design for new enablers & incubators.


Marketing is the most important tool for the growth and sustainability of an incubator. Marketing prospects for an entrepreneurial incubator are start-up ventures and new businesses. At Lemon, with outreach through promotion and ignition along with digital marketing, pipeline creation is done. The promotional events and various competitions are tailor-made to put forward the best feature of the incubator and to increase its sustainability and operational efficiency. Lemon streamlines the marketing strategy to enable decision making and goals based on revenue.

Also, engagement of prospects is ensured via one-to-one communication like emails, calls, etc. With Lemon’s efforts, an entrepreneurial incubator is assured of generation of customers ( aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups, new business) not just leads but also maximum revenue generation avenues with its proven marketing solutions – Website designing, SEM, BD, etc.

Ecosystem Support

Lemon would strive towards making incubator acts an enabler for ecosystem development by creating local or regional stakeholders. It provides continuous guidance and start- up support with the help of various services like accounting, HR, legal and consulting. Furthermore, network development with (mentors, investors, corporate organizations, government agencies , educational organizations) is built for the benefit of new ventures.


Young incubators need know-how on the process of hiring talent, team training & capability and HRM so as to strengthen the incubator and promise productivity of its team members. Leveraging diversity is instrumental to growth at Incubators/ enablers. Peer learning and co-creation is encouraged within the start-ups ecosystem for knowledge transfer and broadening the scope of business.


The young incubators look for help at every stage of their journey, from ideation to execution. The complete management of the young incubator is ensured by Lemon’s team of experts & mentors. Through this program, state-of-the art infra structural assistance (digital as well as physical) and start up support is offered that accounts for mentoring and handholding, training & workshop, ideation and even investment or fund raising. The incubator also helps with customer acquisition process and idea validation & value proposition for incubates entrepreneurs & ventures. Also, cross pollination is encouraged within the start-ups that in return boost reference business opportunities.

Measurement & Tracking

Lemon not only handholds the entrepreneurial incubator but also tracks its health metrics and progress record regularly. Lemon engages itself with the incubator until it gains a foothold in the market. The disengagement process enables the young incubator to explore new dimensions and exercise independence. Typically Lemon expects incubators/enablers to archive self-sufficiency in two years with Lemon moving out of its role of hand holding & management.


Lemon Ideas suggests time duration for Incubator-Enabler development program as anywhere between 6 months to 2 years. The program is customizable as per needs and wants of incubator/enabler-organizations. The partner organizations have flexibility of taking a workshop approach as well based on their current needs & challenges.


Akanksha Sanghi –Founder Scarab Ideas,
Director- S P Sanghi Air conditioners

“Through a common friend we were introduced to Deepak Menaria from Lemon Ideas. In our first interaction itself I was very intrigued by the great work they had been doing. After a lot of discussions and to and fro over a few months, we finally decided to launch an independent identity in Bombay (Scarab Ideas) which was going to be powered by Lemon Ideas. Lemon helped us conceptualise the whole model and kick start Scarab in Bombay. With their expertise, guidance and handholding we were able to start with a cohort of 6 teams, just a couple of months after the launch of Scarab. We continue to work in collaboration to pave the way forward.”

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