Lemon Ideas along with its ecosystem ventures as well as partners, offers a wide variety of reliable and trustworthy professional services for startups, micro enterprises, small enterprise as well as Nano enterprises. The services cover broad spectrum of requirements of small ventures during the initial few years of their inception and growth. The services includes

  1. Support for Accounting.
  2. Support for Legal with Compliances
  3. Support for Business Development
  4. Support for participation in startup showcasing events across the organizations.
  5. Support for Promotions & Events
  6. Support for Digital Marketing.
  7. Support for Branding and PR.
  8.  Support for Initial Customers Acquisition.
  9. Access to Corporate Connections.
  10.  Access to Startup Ecosystem.
  11. Access to Mentors / Domain Specialist.
  12.  Support / IT / WEB / Software Development.
  13. Support for Recruitment.
  14. Support for Interns / Talent Farming (SETU).

  1. Refinement of Business Model.
  2.  Business Planning / Financial Modeling.
  3.  Funding Readiness.
  4.  Counseling / Physiological services for the Team.
  5.  Soft-Skills / Attitude / Leadership training for the Team .
  6.  HR Support services (Performance / Productivity / Retention / Employee Satisfaction.
  7. Technology / Innovation Exploration .
  8. Access to Guest Talks / Networking Events / Competitions at Lemon.
  9. Exploring Collaboration / Partnership with other Entrepreneurs / Startups.
  10. Support for Internal Processes / Internal Automation.
  11. Self & Psychology Awareness Program.
  12. Leadership Program.

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